Comment T’aime Je?

 Comment T’aime Je?

A cycle of 7 songs for medium/high voice

Difficulty: Medium

Length: 15 mins (approx)

Description: Comment T’aime Je? (How do I Love Thee?) is a collection of songs moving through various aspects and experiences of love.

  1. J’ai Presque Peur (Paul Verlaine) ~ first love. This piece is filled with the joy and exuberance of experiencing love for the first time.
  2. La Beaute (Charles Baudelaire) ~ superficial, physical love. Beauty speaks of the important role she plays.
  3. L’amour Cache (Felix D’Arvers) ~ unrequited love. The poet tells the true story of the love he holds for his patron’s wife, which he may never reveal to her. His only hope is that she reads the letter he has anonymously written to her telling of his feelings and might know it is he that loves her.
  4. Le Pont Mirabeau (Guilliame Apollinaire) ~ The poem tells of a relationship that has run its course, yet as the speaker reminisces they realise they aren’t ready to move on without the one they still love.
  5. Demain des L’aube (Victor Hugo) ~ A woman makes a pilgrimage to the tomb of her lover. In the numbness of her grief, she sees, hears and feels nothing.
  6. Chaque jour Je T’aime (Rosemonde Gerard) ~ eternal love. The initial quote from ‘The Eternal Song’ by Gerard, this short piece simply states: ‘For each day I will love you far more than yesterday and far less than tomorrow.’
  7. Aimons Toujours! Aimons Encore! (Victor Hugo) ~ The first several verses from Hugo’s ‘Ode to Love.’

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